Resuscitation Matters


Alice Brown

Alice has been a Registered Nurse for 14 years with the majority of that time spent in the Intensive Care Environment. She is a passionate educator who believes that empowering health professionals with the right skills will improve health outcomes for our patients. She has a special interest communication between healthcare providers and the dynamics of teamwork in health.


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Germaine Sandford

Germaine is a Registered Nurse with extensive critical care experience in both leadership and educational role. Her experience in national and international flight nursing has given her a strong interest in human factors. She has completed her Master of Health Science in Nursing and is a NZRC advanced instructor.  She is experienced in simulation instructing and debriefing.

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Lester Settle

Lester is a dentist who spends time between working clinically at the dental chair in his own practice, leading the dental department at the CDHB and teaching resuscitation. He has a strong patient focus.

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Mick Halpin

Mick has held a full time, senior nurse role in adult and paediatric intensive care since 2001. This has included ECMO, transport, clinical educator and clinical nurse manager. He has taught basic and advanced life support in the UK and NZ for all of this time as an APLS and NZRC instructor. His clinical roles have given him continual opportunities to put what he teaches into practice in multiple settings with varied members of the multi disciplinary team


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Kirsty Deans

Most of Kirsty's nursing career has been spent in ICU and ED. She spent 5 years working as a flight nurse in California .  Her real passion is rural nursing and she has recently been working as a PRIME nurse in isolated communities such as Stewart Island, Ranfurly and Oxford.  During the week she works in PACU at St George's Hospital.  She is currently on the Nurse Practitioner pathway through Massey University and is and NZRC instructor. She has extensive experience in leading real emergencies and mentoring other health professionals to do this also.



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Rachael Andrew

Rachael is an experienced critical care nurse. She has taught advanced resuscitation both here in NZ and in the UK. She is dedicated to seeing improved patient outcomes through good quality education of health professionals.



Jennifer Spencer

-Jenni has been an intensive care RN here in New Zealand and in the UK. She has spent 5 years as a flight nurse and has a strong interest in human factors.


Sulaiman Aimubarak

-Advanced trainee in emergency medicine
Advanced trainee in Emergency Medicine with special interest in intensive care medicine, air retreival and IT. Over the last few years working in Christchurch Public Hospital has been involved in multiple resuscitations ranging from simple cardiac arrest to complex trauma and toxicological resuscitations.


Ngaire Richardson

Ngaire is a Registered Nurse and certified NZRC Advanced Resuscitation Instructor, with many years experience teaching resuscitation skills to health professionals. She is a passionate, vibrant educator. 



Terry Richardson

Terry is an anaesthetist and certified NZRC Advanced Resuscitation Instructor who has a great deal of experience in aviation medicine. He has a wealth of knowledge of resuscitation and enjoys teaching health professionals.


Nicky McCaughan

Nicky is an enrolled nurse and is a NZRC certified and experienced level 1 instructor. Nicky is a highly motivated person with a passion for teaching infant and child CPR. She communicates effectively with people at all levels and is a captivating educator.

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Karyn Lynch

Karyn is our Virtual Assistant-she provides professional administrative & business assistance to us remotely from her home office. She takes care of the behind the scenes bookings, pre-reading, catering and call back systems.

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Keith Birse

Keith's 50 years of experience in this and medical fields (biomedical technician) helps in the repair and maintenance of the equipment the instructors use.  He loves being in his electronic and mechanical workshop and this is well used in the maintenance of the equipment. His last job, technical tutoring, helps him to support the tutors to give effective courses.

Qualified Advanced Trade Certificate  NZ Cert of Engineering in Radio Communications and Electronics


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John Barr

As the Chairman of Canterbury Scientific Ltd, an independent director, on advisory boards and Business Mentor, John is committed to working with businesses to assist their growth. With a broad base across a wide range of environments, John helps businesses reach their strategic goals and objectives. His overall approach is based around never assuming together with handling problems and eliminating causes