Life is precious.

There is no time to spare when responding to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.  Whether its victims are young or old, at the office or in class, exercising or just walking to an airport gate, sudden cardiac arrest knows no boundaries. But no matter where or when it strikes, early use of a defibrillator is one of the most important links in the chain of survival. For every minute that defibrillation is delayed, there is a 7-10% reduction in the chance of survival. In fact, it’s proven to be the only effective treatment for ventricular fibrillation (VF), the lethal heart rhythm.

The LIFEPAK CR plus is the most trusted AED on the market, used throughout New Zealand and the world on first responder services.

Having an AED in place is no comfort if you can’t be sure it will work when it’s needed. The LIFEPAK CR Plus AED conducts weekly and extended monthly automatic self-tests, initialization tests each time it is powered on, and a series of concurrent tests throughout the time the device is in operation. A visible ReadinessDisplay with four clear indicators allows you—and anyone who uses it to be confident that it is ready to go.

There is no controversy- AEDs drastically improve your chances of surviving a sudden cardiac arrest.


Even with successful defibrillation, precious minutes often have passed by the time emergency medical help arrives, and transferring to the ambulance or fire department equipment can take even more time. But with the compatibility of the LIFEPAK CR Plus AED, time is saved.  The electrodes on the CR Plus are fully compatible with all other LIFEPAK defibrillators and monitors which are used widely throughout the New Zealand ambulance service. That means a faster transfer and more time spent on lifesaving than equipment.


At Resuscitation Matters we are passionate about ensuring you are ready to respond in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. For this reason we will come to you and offer a FREE 1 hour training session with each purchase of an AED, done in your own environment (within Christchurch and surrounding areas). You will have practice on a real to life training model so that you are totally prepared to provide basic life support in the event of sudden cardiac arrest.

We will provide comprehensive after sales service for your AED- including downloading the events log in case of use and providing replacement consumables.


LIFEPAK CR Plus AEDs are completely automated AEDs capable of being used by almost anyone in the community

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We can provide the LIFEPAK CR Plus for hire for all your events, workplace needs, conferences, holidays or any other reason you may need an AED. Featuring the same advanced technology trusted by emergency medical professionals—yet simple to use—the fully-automatic LIFEPAK CR® Plus AED is designed specifically for the first person to respond to a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.

The most trusted AED on the market and used by ambulance services throughout New Zealand.

You can be confident that in a medical emergency early defibrillation, which gives the best chance of survival, is at hand.

Send directly to you at least the day before hire commences

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